Add a branch

We invite you to write your own story in response to this 'what if'?

You might choose to branch off from an existing narrative, imagine new scenarios for characters you've read about (a bit like fan fiction), or you could decide to imagine a world that is wholly new. 

You have two options:
  • you can write to a template, a defined structure which offers some shape to your story,
  • you can write freely
If you want, you can explore the two options below before you decide. 

All of the stories in branch have been created using a storytelling tool called Twine. With Twine you can create interactive narratives that allow readers to explore, you can give them choices. As you create on Twine it invites you to imagine a world that isn't one thing, but many things. A world with lots of branches. 

Once you've filled out a template, or written freely, we'll invite you to submit your story to us. We'll turn your story into a twine and upload it to the forest. 

If you'd like to learn more about how Twine works, or create a story for yourself using it, we've created a set of resources just here. If you want to really dive in, you can create your own Twine and submit that to the forest directly.