recommendations for the
best experience

branch is an adaptive, interactive experience for you to navigate in whatever way suits you. 

However, we have a couple of small suggestions we think will help set you up for the best experience: 


  • Put aside a minimum of 20-30 minutes. You can spend longer in the piece if you'd like to, of course. 

  • branch is best experienced on a laptop or desktop computer if that is something that's available to you, but you can use a tablet or a phone too. 

Before you begin: 

  • Find a comfortable spot, ideally not somewhere you usually work or study. If no new location is available to you, we invite you to change where you are in some way: add a cushion or a blanket, change your angle

  • Close down any other tabs, windows, applications on your screen 

  • We'd recommend some music. We've devised a collective spotify playlist. You can listen below. Playlist additions are actively welcomed, just get in touch.