The forest 

You are stood in the middle of a forest.

You are surrounded by trees. 


This is a forest of futures: of possible worlds, alternative pasts, speculative presents.

This is a forest of what could be. 


Each tree in this forest grows from a seed, a 'what if?'... 'what if the oil began to protest?', 'what if you could go back and make one choice differently?'

Every branch on a tree is a different story, by a different author. Every story offers a new journey, or a new perspective. 

This forest has grown by many people. This forest is still growing. You are invited to add to it, to become a gardener. 

You can plant a seed by asking a new 'what if?' 

You can grow new branches by responding to a 'what if?', to imagine a story in that world. 

Or simply explore the forest, read the stories and bask in the light of what could be.  If you're unsure of where to begin, we have a couple of suggestions

If you'd like to know more about branch as a project, or if you'd like a more detailed breakdown of what branch is and how you're invited to engage, head here

Explore the Trees

If you'd like a soundtrack, we've devised a collective spotify playlist. You can listen below. Playlist additions are actively welcomed, just get in touch. 


Explore what is possible by asking your own 'what if?' 

When you've done all the exploring and growing you want, you can exit.