February 2022

Free, Online


branch is an interactive artwork about a forest of worlds.


In the forest, each tree represents a different possible reality. Some are futures, some alternative pasts, some possible presents. As you move through branch you can go forwards, backwards, sideways, upside down. 

branch is collaborative and co-authored artwork. Anyone and everyone is invited to contribute. To tend to the trees, to grow new branches, to plant a seed. branch is a growing artwork, always in progress, never complete. 


You can engage with branch as actively as you would like: 

You're welcome to enter the forest as a reader: consider questions asked by others, explore lives lived in different realities. 

You can also actively participate

  • You can imagine and contribute your own 'what if?' 

  • You can write your own interactive story 

Enter the forest to explore what could be, nurture a possible reality.

Who knows which branches will bloom? 

Enter the Forest