FAO The National Weather Service 


To Whom it May Concern, 


I'm writing a letter with a request of the utmost urgency, with regard to a new meteorological phenomena, which has been witnessed on numerous occasions at locations across the British Isles. The phenomena was first documented on 3rd May 2032 and initially described as simply a ‘tall wall of grey cloud’. This cloud has been logged under observation number #24721. 


#24721 appears to be unlike any cloud previously observed. Within our existing framework we simply do not have the language or definitions to describe it. I’m writing to you today with a request that #24721 is added to the classification register as a new cloud type. I have pulled out the key features of #24721 below: 


  1. The cloud sits across all levels. It’s not a high, medium or low level cloud but extends from just a few kilometres above the Earth’s surface to right at the top of the atmosphere. 

  2. It’s unmoving, consistent, static, it neither forms nor dissipates. 

  3. It appears to be steadily growing. 


I believe that this cloud has been produced as a result of turbulent changes in our climate. It appears to be an adaptation of a murus cloud, generally associated with a super - or multi - cell storm. However, no storm has broken, the cloud appears to simply persist. The only explanation is that there is a storm simmering below the cloud’s surface, constantly growing, never quite breaking. This cloud behaviour is entirely new. #24721 needs to be recognised, categorised and understood. 


As a closing statement, I’d like to articulate my firm belief in the vital need for, and value of  comprehensive and complete classification. Categories provide us with order and structure, helping us access information and understand it. Categories ensure we’re discussing the same concept or entity when using a distinct piece of language, they make information accessible and they ensure that we are accountable and our work is understandable. Without categories, there is chaos, without categories there is no knowledge, without categories there is nothing. 


I hope that you consider the enclosed and my request for a new classification identity for #24721. Without a name or a framework we can never hope to understand the phenomena that sits above us. Only once this entity has been classified can our work truly begin. 


Thank you, 

P. Ravel