An insight is a short snapshot of a world, often captured in the form of an everyday item or image: a to-do list, a scribbled note, a leaflet.

Insights are 500 characters or less. We'll suggest a format, or you can choose one yourself. 

Below, you're welcome to write an insight, or if you'd prefer you can upload a sketch or image instead. Click 'give me a format' below if you want us to suggest one, but you're welcome to choose a format yourself. 

Or you can fill out the form here: 

Once you've submitted your story to us, we'll upload it to the forest. Others will be able to read and maybe even write their own story based on the world you have created. 

To do this, we'll use a great digital storytelling tool called Twine. If you'd like to learn more about Twine you can do so here.