story content warnings

'What if hair held all our secrets' 

C-N-D: Includes references to nuclear weapons and nuclear disarmament

'What if we learned to the language of the leaves?'

The Sequence: Includes references to droughts, crop failures, storms, cyclones.

'What if you could go back and make one choice differently?'

Maria: Includes references to loss, illness and disappearance

'What if we learned to live in tune with the water?'

Final Procedure: Themes of displacement and estrangement. Discussions of surgery and medical procedures. 

'What if we had Universal Basic Income?' 

'What if time was discontinuous?'

Four jumps: Themes of getting lost, distance from friends and loved ones. 

'What if mirrors started to show us something else?'

'What if oil began to protest?' 

return: Explores themes around the climate crisis. 

'What if there were no borders?' 

'What if paper and ink decided to control the narrative?' 

the book editor: Themes of censoring 

'What if all the metal began to melt' 

defrost: Includes themes of destruction

'What if we traded only in ideas' 

'What if we could breathe in a vacuum?' 

'What if the cloud made contact?' 

cloud sexting: Includes sexual content