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There are three templates below you might want to use to create your world, and write your story:

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An insight is a short snapshot of a world, often captured in the form of an everyday item or image: a to-do list, a scribbled note, a leaflet.

Insights are 500 characters or less. We'll suggest a format, or you can choose one yourself. 

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You might explore a choice in 1st person, where the reader plays as a character making a choice, or you might explore a choice in 3rd person where the reader makes a choice about the world at large. You'll then be invited to explore the consequences. What happens next?

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An exploration is a great way to explore a scene or environment. You might dive into a moment in your world, allowing the reader to explore what people are thinking or doing. Exploration is also a great way to do environmental storytelling, where the reader learns more about a reality by exploring objects within it: what's written on a scrap or paper, what is that scene out of the window?