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My academic background is in Mathematics (I have a First Class BSc from the University of Edinburgh) and lots of my work is informed by mathematical ideas and processes. I refer to myself as a creative mathematician, which involves both collaborating with artists as a maths consultant, and making mathematical art myself. 

My work as a Mathematics Consultant / Collaborator to date is mainly in theatre. In this role, I work with artists, theatre-makers and writers to explore the role maths plays in a particular piece or story. In 2018, I worked as the Mathematical Collaborator on Haley McGee's The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale, where I worked with Haley to co-write a maths formula for the cost of love. 

I create my own artworks that explore mathematical ideas and repurpose and reinvent mathematical structures. I'm particularly interested in investigating how rigid maths meets concepts that are harder to define, flimsy or delicate. Work to date includes An Algorithm Of Deviance, developed as a response piece as part of Heather Barnett's Crowd Control Festival. 

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

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