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IMPRINT is a short, interactive experience to be played alone or together.
It was inspired by the impact fear is having on how we learn and how we teach.

Play as you want: as yourself, or as someone different.
You can always change what you think.
IMPRINT was commissioned by Peshkar Productions and funded by Erasmus +.


faces is a short interactive screen experience exploring perception, illusions and conspiracies. 

Commissioned by Cognitive Sensations, faces explores the process of constructing a narrative, highlighting the role readers play in determining meaning and truth. It interrogates how we piece together information to understand the world around us, questioning why we trust some forms of content more than others, what we wilfully ignore because it doesn’t fit with our narrative, and highlighting the role the internet can play in shaping how we tell and understand stories, and make sense of ‘facts'  

the piece was partly inspired by ‘connecting the dots’, a psychology paper that suggests a connection between ‘illusory pattern perception’ and belief in conspiracy theories. 

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