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A lot of my work is playful or interactive. 

I create games, I write interactive fiction, I create escape rooms (and escape books). 

I'm passionate about creating narrative games which offer players agency. 

For me agency is a step beyond choice. A choice is often distinct - turn left or turn right, select A, B or C...

If you have agency you can go wherever you want, invent your own solutions, take the story in a direction never expected. 

I'm also fascinated by games that offer players opportunities to investigate and experiment with systems - economic, scientific, mathematical and political. I think games can create a unique opportunity to see how these systems 'play': to investigate the values inherent within them, to explore where power sits and what influences what. I think play is a great tool for imagining change. You can 'play' with an idea to test it out, investigate what you think, explore how it might work. Playing could be the first stage in imagining a new reality. 

You can play some of my digital artworks and read some interactive fiction below: 

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