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New technology seer promises to reveal another dimension. But who created it? Why? And what of those data storms brewing on the horizon? 

seer is a digital, interactive novella exploring the limits of perception and perspective. 

Set in an alternate 2024, seer begins with the release of a new technology, a headset which claims to show its user the fourth dimension. No one can be sure who created the device, or why. Each person who uses it tells a slightly different story about the world it creates. Against the background of a looming general election, a growing epidemic of missing people and strange, unexplained weather, journalist Nia must work out what seer is, what its for and how it might change us. 

seer is a piece of interactive, digital fiction: part game, part literature. As you read, you experience the piece from the viewpoint of journalist Nia, who has been tasked with reporting on this new technology. Nia has to review testimonials and reports, snatched voicemails and press releases to get to the truth of the device and the people behind it. seer is told in chapters and at the end of each chapter you must publish a story to move on - selecting the content you want to tell the public about seer, what you want the narrative around seer to be. As the piece progresses, the lines between the story you read and the story you tell become blurred. Are you finding the truth or creating it? 

seer is currently in development, but you can experience a prototype of the piece below.

seer was originally funded by a commission from Paper Nations as part of Beyond the Book, which explored new models of storytelling for the smartphone.

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