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I make artworks on and using technologies; I create work that explores technology and digital culture. This includes mixed reality, digital fiction and phone-based adventures. 

Mixed Reality

With Produced Moon I make Mixed Reality (MR). MR experiences bring together digital realities (virtual or augmented reality) with physical realities. Produced Moon's MR practice incorporates VR Theatre and 360 film. We're currently developing a new piece of VR Theatre about time, dreams and particle physics. 

Digital Fiction 

My approach is DIY - using pre-existing digital platforms and tools to tell stories. Our experience of the internet is hyperlinked: we follow trails, jumping from page to page and idea to idea. It is also transmedia: we build our understanding of a concept or an event by pulling together varied and plural sources. This creates new, rich opportunities for storytelling: narrative can be thought of in a web, rather than on a page, stories can follow curiousity and impulse, words can appear and disappear, ideas can change. I write using digital platforms such as Twine, to create digital stories that embrace the structures, experiences and narratives that are only possible online. Play some of these here

Phone Adventures 

With Produced Moon I create phone adventures, often hybrid in form - partially digital, partially physical. These include: 

HOTLINE, a choose your own adventure phone call to the moon, where audience members can select their route using just their keypad. This piece was developed by Produced Moon, Meghan Tyler and Nima Séne. 

The Inventors' Squad, app-based audio adventures for families that tell the stories of female inventors. 

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