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My creative practice is multi- and inter- disciplinary. 

I love the places where different creative disciplines meet each other, and imagining and making in these gaps. 

I create theatre, sometimes directing, other times working as a dramaturg. Mainly I make performance with Produced Moon, where I'm the Joint Artistic Director. We make mixed-reality experiences, performances and run participatory projects from our base in Scotland.

I write. I'm particularly interested in the intersections between game & literature and puzzle & narrative. I'm the Co-Author of a short series of Sherlock Holmes escape books (escape rooms in book form), published by Ammonite Press, and developing a practice in puzzle-led narrative. You can read more about my playful fiction work here.

I create maths art: work inspired by mathematical concepts, or that reimagines mathematical structures for other purposes. You can read more about my work as a creative mathematician here

Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

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